The notion of artificial intelligence is a thing of the past. The reality of artificial intelligence is a thing of today.


CTI (Content Technologies Inc.) is an artificial intelligence research and development company specializing in production automation, business process automation, instructional design & content application solutions.

The AI

Dr. Scott R. Parfitt, Ph.D believed software could emulate human behavior - so he developed an AI system that could read, write & learn.

Dr. Parfitt, Content Technologies, Inc.’s (CTI) Founder and CEO is a Psychophysicist, technologist, educator and visionary. Dr. Parfitt started the first AI Lab at Notre Dame in the early 80's and his mentor was a graduate student of B.F. Skinner. Today his area of concentration is known as ‘Deep Learning’.

Between 1982 and 1983, Dr. Parfitt was a graduate student at the University of Notre Dame completing work on his Ph.D. in psychology.  He specialized in an area called psychophysics, now referred to more commonly as human factors - working on human/machine interfaces. He was also a self-taught expert programmer in a variety of languages on mainframes to PC’s teaching courses at Indiana University and Notre Dame (before computer science was considered a separate discipline). In addition to a degree in psychology, Dr. Parfitt also earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy where he specialized in logic and reasoning.  These interests led to early prototype artificial intelligence engines for teaching while at Notre Dame where he designed and taught the first AI courses at the university.

As a young graduate student Dr. Parfitt formulated a mathematical model to describe human behavior. This model was further developed at the University of Notre Dame to account for the behavior of various serial murders to illustrate that behavior was (1) rational, (2) predictable, and (3) therefore, controllable; and lastly to do so would require AI systems capable of emulating the behavior. The model was very complex. Where any behavior was a function of the interaction of the individuals' motivational state, emotive state, learning, perception, developmental level, and other psychological functions at a given time t. Each psychological function was composite of a recent history folded into a simple set of premises weighted to yield a value at t where t was constantly evolving. He backed the history of Charles Manson and other serial killers into the set of equations to demonstrate that we could predict reliably his and their behavior. Dr. Parfitt's Ph.D. dissertation dealt with employing a mathematical model of human decision making to measure and thereby remove in real time overt and covert bias from human judgment.

Upon graduating from Notre Dame, Dr. Parfitt was recruited by William C. Brown Company as its first acquisitions editor in educational and software publishing. While at William C. Brown Company (now McGraw Hill), Dr. Parfitt learned the textbook publishing industry and traveled around the United States visiting universities and colleges to determine how software would best fit the publishing industry, academia, and student learning before leaving Brown and founding his own successful company Soft Productions, Inc. After a successful exit to one of the major publishers, Dr. Parfitt and the other principles agreed to a non-compete in educational publishing for 5 years at which point he taught as a Professor at the University of Notre Dame and did consulting work with Emerson Electric and several other Fortune 500 companies developing various successful technology based ventures, mostly in computer based training and learning as well as developing ways to increase profitability and efficiency using technology.

In the early 2000’s the internet and computer technology reached a point in terms of speed and efficiency where Dr. Parfitt could devote one hundred percent of his time to his love of AI. The current AI being researched and developed at CTI is a somewhat more unique, elegant solution dealing with the realm of conventional knowledge, much more discrete and available. The algorithms recreate functions of the mind where the computer becomes smarter over time, creating a distinct reinforced knowledge base capable of evolving and learning on their own. is an Artificial intelligence tool using GPT-3 Technology, which makes it fast & easy to create content for your blog, social media, website, and more! Jasper can be integrated with Grammarly API to fix the Grammatical errors. You need the Grammarly Premium version, which you can grab using DemandSage Deals for just $144/year.


At CTI, we're are passionate about giving companies and people an edge on information overload using artificial intelligence.

Discovering insights

We believe that time is your most valuable asset. Information is growing exponentially and only an AI system can keep up with it. AI can save you time and money by accomplishing tasks such as reading thousands of articles from around the world and summarizing them for you.

Generating content

As the barriers for launching businesses and products continue to decrease, companies struggle breaking through the noise. The search engines & social networks that bring customers to your door rely on one thing to push your company to the top of that noise - content. When customers interact with your product, quality content keeps them stimulated, engaged, & ultimately, your customer.

Navigating the new competitive landscape

Today, competition is moving at the speed of technology. The old rules are a thing of the past - companies can choose to adapt or be disrupted. An AI engine can offer valuable insight and clues to help navigate the new global business landscape.

Ventures • Business Units

We have several business units and ventures up and running using our proprietary artificial intelligence.

For academia the next breakthrough is here! Teaching with a one-size-fits-all approach is over. At Palitt, we believe y_o_u should be in control of the content.

Palitt has reimagined how content is assembled. Until now, custom content and custom textbooks were an expensive and time consuming process. Using Palitt, creating your own custom lecture series, syllabus or textbook is as simple and elegant as creating a custom playlist on iTunes.
Whatever you can imagine you can create! At Palitt we believe in change…change the order…change the subject…change the chapter! What will you change? What color will you add?

We believe time is your most valuable asset. At Cram101 we are passionate about using AI technology to help you achieve better results in less time.

At Cram101 we have developed faster ways to learn and master content by using AI technology to break it down into manageable bite sized pieces of information. Cram101’s AI technology can turn any textbook into a smart study guide complete with chapter summaries, unlimited true-false and multiple choice practice tests and flashcards all drilled down to a specific textbook, ISBN number, author and chapter. Cram101 gives you what you need to know saving you precious time, all while teaching you the material without overwhelming you.
Never study the same way again! Cram101 gives you smarter content, better results in less time. What will you do with your extra time?

Feed it any textbook, JustTheFacts101 highlights and generates book and chapter specific summaries on the spot.

When you highlight your textbook, you are consciously ignoring the useless information and focusing only on the specifics you expect to be tested on. CTI’s AI technology has already highlighted and identified everything for you saving you hours of wasted time. Just The Facts are available in printed form from most major retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as in digital format on Apple and Kindle and by major publishers and book distributors under their own private labels. We have a library of over 35,000 current titles, and if we don't have a book available, just email us and we'll add it! Never highlight a textbook again…get JustTheFacts101 and cut your study time in half!

NursingEd101 uses CTI’s AI technology to help nurses and nursing students spend less time finding the critical information and more time retaining the information. Whether you are a first year student or studying for your licensing exam, CTI’s AI technology will help you feel more confident about the material!

NursingEd101 utilizes CTI’s AI technology to help nursing students take the stress out of learning. It’s no secret that Nursing students are required to read and retain a lot of information over a short period of time and trying to figure out what is important is a difficult task. The NursingEd101 system breaks down the content into smaller increments in order to help student feel less overwhelmed and retain more information. With NursingEd101, all the study materials you need are at your fingertips…flashcards, chapter summaries, practice exams. Better, Smarter, Faster!


CTI partners with companies of various sizes in various industries to solve challenges with data, business & process automation using artificial intelligence.

Financial Markets

CTI's AI expert systems are capable of taking massive amounts of both unstructured and structured data, including data never before used as a result of computational limitation, assigning rules to that data and generating millions of queries, producing intelligent portfolios and trades, all while hedging risk. The AI can also act as a virtual assistant summarizing annual reports, transcripts, regulatory filings, and corporate documents. Information is growing exponentially and only an AI system can keep up with it.

Healthcare • Pharma

CTI is on a mission to innovate and our expert AI systems have the ability to process millions of pages of documents, including medical journals and patient records, to assist physicians in identifying potential relevant treatments and clinical trials. We can see patterns before anyone else and neutralize threats before they happen. Super-human artificial intelligence systems are here. Innovation is here and we are on a mission to innovate. Now more than ever the possibilities are endless!


At CTI we believe that education is important to all of us and we are passionately working to transform it. Using our proprietary AI, we can create educational content at a price point that can’t be matched. Our AI systems can create with a staff of 20 what it would take a large publisher with a thousand employees to replicate. We are breaking down the cost barriers and have proven that AI can produce better content in less time at a fraction of the cost. Talk about leveling the playing field! We provide solutions for secondary education, higher education, continuing education and corporate training. Have you own content? No problem, we can repackage and repurpose for you.

Government • Political

At CTI, we believe AI will make or break political elections in the years to come. The political landscape has become far too complex and it will take an AI system to understand and navigate the dynamics of local markets and frame the issues. Employing AI to harness the power of crunching, analyzing and predicting raw data in real time will prove invaluable.

While it's too early to draw many conclusions, AI will no doubt play a significant role in politics and government and provide an edge to help transform and win elections.



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